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Our process starts with understanding how your business operates, and from there, we develop the right strategy for your organization’s current and future needs. We evaluate your organization’s existing operations and identify levers for improvement and acceleration. We will then work with you to assess, plan, and execute the needed changes in your operations that drive the best results for your business.

Whether it’s government compliance, organizational strategy planning, or more, we will be there to provide you with professional advice and solutions to make your business more sustainable and successful.

HTM Consultation

When it comes to healthcare technology management, you can trust our consultants and associates to give you the support you need in furthering your organization in terms of control costs, providing clinical and technical support, and improving patient safety and outcomes.


With our experience in helping many healthcare organizations to implement and monitor their compliance with The Joint Commission, we are able to help you build and strengthen your internal resources for survey preparation and ongoing readiness.

CMS Survey Readiness

Our skilled accreditation and compliance consultants can assist you in preparing and achieving success for The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) survey by providing consultative advice and personalized solutions.

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Health Department Survey Readiness

We provide expert resources, sound advice, and preparatory planning by assessing your compliance processes in areas such as the environment of care, critical care, home health, nursing assessment, and more that are vital in achieving survey success for your organization.

Relocatable Power Tap (RPT) Strategy Planning

We have expert consultants who can provide their expertise in RPT Strategy Planning which allows you to prepare for and implement strategic methodologies and tactics needed to achieve your organizational goals and objectives and meet CMS and TJC guidelines.

Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) Strategy Planning

When it comes to AEM Strategy Planning, you can count on our professionals to provide you with consultative advice and quality solutions to take your organization to the next level by identifying the direction and setting goals, as well as building and strengthening core competencies.


We put our expertise to work in helping you effectively manage your organization by understanding and assessing your strategy and processes, providing consultative solutions tailored to meet your organization’s goals and objectives, and educating you about making your business sustainable, well-prepared, and responsive for any challenges.


Our affiliates and associates will work with you in reviewing, establishing, and implementing effective best practice strategies in areas, such as Risk Management, Accreditation and Licensing, Protocols, Administration, Maintenance and Service Strategies, Clinical Engineering (Health Technology Management), Environment of Care (EOC), and more for building and maintaining relationships partnerships that are crucial for your organization’s success.

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